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Beaouteous is an application made by PT. Cipta Tata Dokumen Indonesia used to manage archives. In this application you can directly download labels for Boxes, Ports, Maps and Files. Besides that the archive can also be downloaded into Excel format. Each label has a QRcode that serves to facilitate the search or transfer of the save location. If you want to do a scan, you can simply scan the ID you want to access to the ID to be scanned to change all locations to be new.

In addition to data entries, applications made by PT. Cipta Tata Dokumen Indonesia can also access metadata. Scanned files that are in the .pdf format are loaded into the application and automatically the .pdf file format will be filled with metadata with data from the inputted file. This metadata is used in the event of a natural disaster so files are easily searched even without this Digital Workplace application. Users just have to search on Windows Search

The Advantages of Using the CTDI Workplace Application:

  • 1. Archive Search Easier
    • - Search can use all the words in the letter starting from the letter number, title, date of the letter, Work Unit, Category, etc.
    • - Search can use QRCode so that the user only needs to scan the QRcode in the mail or in another archive

  • 2. Easy and Fast Archiving
    • - The box number, port number, folder number and file number are generated automatically by the system.
    • - Data entry is faster because just click it.
    • - Direct labels can be downloaded and pasted.

  • 3. Web Based Application
    • - One application can be used by many Work Units.
    • - Data entry can be anytime and anywhere without the need to install on certain devices.

  • 4. Can be accessed OFFLINE / ONLINE
    • - Can be accessed OFFLINE using LAN and internet.

  • 5. Precise and Accurate Reporting
    • - Reporting is displayed in the form of tables and graphs.
    • - Reporting is distinguished from the type of letter, Work Unit and Time Range of the letter.

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