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Bemoolah is an application for sending and receiving coins easily and quickly. Products from PT. Cipta Tata Dokumen Indonesia consists of web applications and Android applications. An account on the website can also be used to log in to the Android application. This Wallet product name is SD Wallet and you can download it on the Play Store. The use of this application is very easy. You can send using your mobile number or ID wallet. If you log in you will automatically have a wallet that is generated by the system.

To send coins you can only scan the recipient's QRCode scan. In addition to sending and receiving coins normally, this SD Wallet application can also be used in a community or organization for fundraising / donations / contributions. The management / treasurer can make a Transaction Post and the members only need to scan the QRcode from the Transaction Post to then enter the total coins to be transferred.

Everyone has their own savings book that records coins that come in and out. In addition to the own savings book, all transactions are also stored in the ledger that everyone can see and everyone can declare that this transaction is valid.

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