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Benotes is a mailing application that is used to facilitate incoming letters, outgoing letters, dispositions, searches to report letter archives to an agency or government. There are two types of letters in this application, namely Letter paper and Electronic mail . Paper letters consist of Paper mail delivery and Receipt of paper letters while electronic e-mail consists of Inbox and Sent .

The paper mail menu is used during transactions with vendors where the vendor has a user login. Whereas electronic mail in the benotes application records the drafting process until the letter becomes archived and destroyed. Letters can be made in their own name or it can be on behalf of other people, for example a boss. Then the letter maker ( Drafter ) asks Review to which supervisor is before the letter is approved by Approver . In this application also records the history of revisions to mailing up to the disposition history of the letter.

In the cover letter and in its own letter there is a QRcode that serves to facilitate data search, so users only have to scan using QRScanner or smartphone only.

Advantages of Using the Benotes Application:

  • 1. Easier Search
    • - Search can use all words in the letter starting from the contents of the letter, letter title, letter number, date of the letter, etc.
    • - Search can use QRCode so that the user only needs to scan the QRcode in the mail or in another archive

  • 2. Easy and Fast Distribution
    • - Mail arrives at the recipient faster.
    • - Reduces the double distribution of letters.
    • - Letters can be monitored for distribution anytime and anywhere.

  • 3. Paper and Cost Reduction
    • - Reduces paper usage.
    • - Reduces the cost of sending mail.

  • 4. Faster and Neat Archiving
    • - No need to re-archive.
    • - The system automatically assigns a box number for file storage.

  • 5. Precise and Accurate Reporting
    • - Reporting is displayed in the form of tables and graphs.
    • - Reporting is distinguished from the type of letter, Work Unit and Time Range of the letter.

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