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1. What is BeSmart?
A digital application that enables virtual "interaction" in the teaching and learning process, sharing and exchanging information and knowledge and encouraging valuable creativity for young Indonesian students.

2. What lies behind the making of BeSmart?
- Concern about gaps in quality and opportunities to gain knowledge and knowledge as well as study and get teaching for students throughout Indonesia.
- The desire to provide opportunities for all Indonesian young generation students to be able to get knowledge and learning freely and continuously without being limited to place, time, opportunity, background and costs,
- Goodwill to improve the quality of Indonesian people through the ease of learning and teaching facilities for all students in Indonesia
- Indonesia's broad geographical conditions and limited facilities and infrastructure for formal education both teaching staff and supporting infrastructure

3. What is the mission and vision of BeSmart?
- VISION BeSmart, Become a Virtual gathering and interacting place that is inspirational and is useful for building high-value intelligence and creativity for young Indonesian students. So that in addition to being able to improve soft skills from students, it can also increase the value of life's usefulness that is characterized by the young generation of Indonesia.
- MISSION BeSmart, Provides an intelligent forum for learning, practicing, discussing, sharing, collaborating for all parties to contribute positively and constructively in building and improving the quality of science and expertise of the younger generation without being limited by space, time, opportunity and costs. < br>
4. What is the main purpose of the BeSmart application?
Helping to make it easier for young Indonesian students to gain, improve and enrich their knowledge and knowledge and skills so they can and are able to perform better with a high level of life use without having to be burdened with costs, time, opportunities and background.

5. How can BeSmart reach children in remote areas?
Collaboration with all parties related to Regulators, Managers, Executors and Education Observer from municipalities to villages and support of ICT (Information Communication Technology), which has reached the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia, held by both mobile and fixed telecommunications operators. Also working with teachers from all over Indonesia to be able to provide content that adjusts the curriculum and actual conditions of an area.

6. When will BeSmart be launched?
In accordance with the project plan that has been designed, the estimated launch in the market will be around Q3 2016, and the full version will be carried out at the beginning of 2017. The hope is, during the celebration of HARDIKNAS, May 2, 2017.

7. To what extent does BeSmart provide assistance to users?
Because BeSmart is an application that is user friendly and with an existing purpose, so that all the features in this application can be obtained for free, through downloading process and direct access to the web. An interactive guide on how to use the application. During the use of the application the assistance was provided by besmart through a mentor and / or teacher in the interaction

8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of BeSmart?

  1. - In general, the advantages of this application are that it can be accessed at any time under any conditions as long as it is connected to internet facilities and is free. Because all the lesson modules managed in this application are CURRICULUM based (following the DIKNAS provisions) so it is very effective to help support the teaching and learning process in formal education both from elementary, junior high and high school.

  2. - Besmart conducts profiling for each student login, starting from completing student data in the BeSmart database, the application can provide lesson material for lesson training materials according to the student's profile automatically, so that the material students will receive will be in accordance with the student's profile at login.

  3. - BeSmart is designed to provide continuous reporting of each student's activities to their parents / builders via email. So that all student activities at Bsmart can be monitored by parents / supervisors. Likewise vice versa parents / coaches can easily find out what is the focus of interest or interest from students.

  4. - BeSmart can provide an analysis of the results of students' learning and training processes to parents and provide an evaluation of the types of lessons and practice questions that students need to complete, so that later the parents and students can provide care and direction to students. learning material that students need in the future

  5. - Content on BeSmart is obtained from internal and external, Internal BeSmart content of learning materials and questions obtained from the participation of teachers and teaching staff from all over Indonesia. For Besmart External content can be controlled and connected with existing learning content and spread on the Internet, with bulblogic technology that is on BeSmart, the application can automatically search and withdraw content continuously and can update the current all external content to be given to students according to each user profile and not the user who is looking for what is needed. All BeSmart content is always adapted to the curriculum currently in force in Indonesia

  6. - BeSmart Provides opportunities for teachers to be able to contribute to enrich the content of questions and learning materials

  7. - BeSmart can be used as an interactive discussion forum with a schedule that has been adjusted by students and teachers, to discuss a learning material that comes from a question post by students

  8. - BeSmart can provide an educational Interaction that can be used by every student community in Indonesia using the "Wall Magazine" feature

  9. - BeSmart can interact with other content providers outside of BeSmart such as tutoring institutions in certain events and within a period of time that has been adjusted to be used by students

  10. - Limitations of internet access with adequate speed are not evenly distributed in every school throughout Indonesia

  11. - Limitations of Devices that can be used by young Indinesi
  12. students

    9. Who can use BeSmart?
    The main BeSmart users are elementary, junior and senior high school students. Other users are educators (teachers), education experts, parents, tutoring institutions, corporations and even government.

    10. Are there age limits for BeSmart users?
    In general, starting from the level of Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School and adjusting the role and status in the application besmartini. As well as the role of parents or coaches as directors in using this application to early childhood students

    11. How people can access BeSmart? Reviews It's easy, download the besmart application on Google PlayStore and or through the web at http://www.besmart.bebulb.com, register, specify a username and password, then be ready to surf. Make sure internet access is available (recommended if it doesn't move, then use installed wifi in that place ...

    12. Is BeSmart one-way or two-way?
    Because this system is built to facilitate the learning process of students actively, this system will further encourage interaction. So it is more of a two-way nature, or even multi, so that active participation is not only from two sides of damun from many users as well as a social media that focuses on primary and secondary school learning materials in Indonesia.

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