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Enrich your business data with CTDI online-offline survey and assessment tools

An online assessment or e-assessment is sometimes used to take (parts of) an assessment. Questionnaires and online surveys can be completed in site or in a controlled environment.

The use of online assessments saves companies a lot of time and money to your organization. Often the assessments can be completed in less time, multiple surveyors and locations can complete the online assessment at the same time and there is no need for specialised (and expensive) personnel.

Why use our online assessment tool?

Do you need more leads or do you want to get to know the true condition of your customers or company? Or, do you need to test your colleagues or new hires? Then start using our online assessment software to easily setup your custom assessment. Take a look at some the feature.

Looks great on all devices

It doesn't matter if you are on a phone, tablet or pc: your online assessment will look beautiful. Our assessment tool is fully responsive, so you can engage your audience on pc or android platform.

On-Line Off-line Capability

NO INTERNET NO PROBLEM! . you still can do your assessment or survey job in field, the data will store in your gadget and will be upload when intenet connection appear. This will help you in very remote area of activities.

Manage and track user activity

Enforce organizational policies through a centralized admin dashboard, global features settings, and audit logs.

Easily onboard and migrate users at scale

Automate the process to ensure new and existing users can seamlessly join your centralized surveyor account.

Secure confidential survey data

Take advantage of single sign-on, data encryption, and compliance features. Learn more about our enterprise-grade security.

Collaboration at scale

Design surveys together, share multiple surveys and surveyors result to a Workgroup, and easily set roles and permissions.

Easy to use

Our online assessment tool is simple and easy to use. For participants as well as for the administrators. With our online assessment software it's easy to start, which makes it more fun.


Questionnaires and surveys are the most important components of an online assessment. After all, practical simulations and role plays can be described online. The assignments are completed in a secure online environment that is not accessible to others. For some ability tests access to the Internet could be used to achieve better results. In those cases the online assessment is often completed in a controlled room or a room where access to the remainder of the Internet is blocked. The questionnaires that are part of the online assessment can be completed anywhere anytime. There are different online assessment you can take as a preparation.

Reporting of an online assessment

The review of an online assessment and survey is often faster than that of an offline assessment. Usually you immediately receive the results in your desktop or mailbox. After this you discuss the results of the online assessment with an advisor, either by phone or at the assessor's office. Then you can grant (or withhold) permission to forward the assessment report to the employer.

Administration and governance

Gain visibility and control over all users with a single admin dashboard. Use global settings to establish and maintain standards.

Awesome support

Do you have any questions about our online assessment tool? Our support owls are always by your side and provide you with the best possible support!

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