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The advantages of the Bundle Application are as follows:
  • 1. Bundle Maintain Safety Archives
    • Maintain file safety and re-supply files quickly when needed.

  • 2. Web Application Bundel's Responsive Design
    • The bundle application has a responsive design or design that can be accessed on any device.

  • 3. Bundles As Media Communicate and Collaborate
    • Each bundle user can communicate with each other and collaborate for each content.

  • 4. Bundles for managing family archives that are effective, efficient and systematic
    • With the bundle application, your archives or assets will be managed effectively, efficiently and systematically.

  • 5. Bundles Facilitate Inter-Family Information Exchange
    • The bundle application will make it easier for your files or assets to exchange information with fellow family members.

  • 6. Bundles as a Family Library Aid
    • With the bundle application, your assets will be easily rediscovered and will never be lost.

  • 7. Bundle as a Reminder Tool
    • With the bundle application, there are advanced features that can update your archives or assets.

  • 8. Bundles Save Power Time and Cost
    • With the bundle application, you don't need to waste time, effort, and money just to recover your files and assets.

  • 9. Bundles develop your knowledge
    • Every family member will develop more knowledge about archiving and manage their assets.

  • 10. The bundle application is FREE.
    • Free for Indonesian families !!!

  • 11. Managing Assets With Bundles
    • Users in one or group can manage assets easily to find and easy to control.

  • 12. Investment Savings in the Form of Archival Space
    • As we all know, the more an archive develops, the more storage will be needed. Bundle application can overcome or streamline by means of an archive storage system by transferring conventional archive media into online archive media stored in a secure database.

  • 13. Minimizes the possibility of archive / asset destruction
    • With the Bundle Application we will easily back up the archive data / assets, so we will have a backup of the important files that are owned. This is to prevent the destruction of archives caused by disasters such as floods and fires.

  • 14. Better Customer Services
    • The Bundel application implements an electronic data processing system, receives archives and sends archives can be done on the same day, documents sent to users according to user requests, so that it will increase user satisfaction.

  • 15. Cost Savings
    • Bundle applications in carrying out archival or asset data processing systems with computers, reduce paper use, correspondent costs, costs arise due to errors, storage costs, so that the application of electronic data processing systems can reduce a large variety of costs.

  • 16. Fewer Clerical Errors
    • Entering data that is only done occasionally reduces the possibility of errors.

  • 17. Fast Data Transmission Speed ​​
    • Bundle applications can transfer information from another computer automatically and quickly.

  • 18. Does Not Require High Computer Specifications
    • Web Bundle Applications do not need high computer specifications to use this web-based application, because in some cases, most of the process is done on this web-based application provider web server.

  • 19. Software is not Limited to a Specific Device
    • Bundle applications are no longer limited to certain devices. Software can be accessed wherever the device can access it.

  • 20. Basic trust
    • Where the Bundle Application content makes it possible to use, redistribute, and change.

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